3CX Managed Cloud Hosting

3CX Managed Cloud Hosting

3CX Managed Cloud Hosting offers a private enterprise phone system hosted on highly available secure cloud infrastructure.

Love 3CX? Hate Server Management & Maintenance?

3CX Managed Cloud Hosting is designed for businesses that want their communication to run on a reliable, secure, fully managed cloud infrastructure without sacrificing privacy, security, management or a rich feature set. RingOffice is a 3CX Certified VoIP Provider and Managed Cloud Hosting Partner.

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Benefits of 3CX Managed Cloud Hosting

  • Security: Our data centre has 6 levels of physical and logical security designed to protect your phone system from external and internal threats.
  • Scalability: We built a virtualized platform that can easily scale to meet your growing needs so you never have to worry about buying new servers.
  • Admin Control: Maintain full administration of your phone system so you can manage users, features and services the way you want without limitations or restrictions.
  • Carefree Maintenance: We proactively patch, update and maintain the server operating system and 3CX Phone System so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.
  • Reliability: We created fully redundant high availability infrastructure to improve the reliability of your phone system.
  • Privacy: With 3CX Managed Cloud Hosting, your server is completely private. No shared softswitch or shared phone system with anyone.
  • Rich Feature Set: Enjoy the full enterprise grade feature set offered by 3CX. Why settle for a proprietary Hosted PBX with limited feature set and administrative control?
  • Proactive Monitoring: We monitor servers 24/7 to ensure smooth operation and timely resource upgrades. Rest assured that we have your back.

What’s Included?

– Reliable High Availability infrastructure with full clustering & enterprise SAN to protect against server failure

– Redundant Power: Multiple Backup Generators and UPS Battery Systems

– Redundant Network: Multi-homed geographically diverse 10G fibre optic connections

– 24/7 Monitoring of server health metrics and alarms to proactively mitigate capacity issues in advance

– 6 Levels of Physical & Logical Security including redundant hardware firewalls to protect against hackers

– Proactive patching, updating and maintenance of server OS and 3CX Phone System

– Proactive hardware refresh and easy server resource upgrades

– Periodic backups of your system to protect your system configurations and settings

– VoIP Quality of Service to prioritize Internet bandwidth for voice traffic

– Free Hosting and SIP Trunk Support (24/7 for critical, business hours for non-critical)

– Priority Remote Administrator Support plans available

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting is available for virtually any capacity and edition of 3CX phone system. A 3CX License with valid Software Maintenance is required. Bundles are available with SIP Trunks, VPN connections, Licenses, and Remote Administrator Support. Below is more information about each of these services.

3CX License

3CX licenses are available in Standard, Professional or Enterprise Editions, with calling capacity ranging from 4 to 1024 Simultaneous Calls. Licenses are offered in 2 pricing models:

1- 3CX Perpetual License: Purchase includes 1 year free Software Maintenance, which must be renewed annually to maintain software updates and version upgrades.

2- 3CX Annual License: Purchase includes Software Maintenance for 1 year. Annual license can be purchased separately or bundled into monthly hosting fees.

SIP Trunks

Managed Cloud Hosting customers can take advantage of discounted VoIP pricing by bundling SIP Trunks with Hosting. Standard bundles include a Canada Local plan with optional US long distance add-ons. RingOffice is a 3CX Certified SIP Trunk Provider.

VPN Connections and SBC

A site to site VPN connection is a secure, reliable and recommended way to connect locations to your 3CX Phone System. For locations where VPN capable firewall is not available, we recommend installing an SBC or Session Border Controller to avoid audio and networking issues.


3CX Remote Administrator Support

RingOffice 3CX Remote Administrator Support is designed to help customers with administration, technical support, training and troubleshooting. Our Help Desk team is experienced and certified on products from industry leading vendors like 3CX, Cisco, Microsoft and others.


Interested in 3CX Managed Cloud Hosting?

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