Cloud Phone Systems

RingOffice is a full-service cloud communications company that delivers hassle-free business communication solutions for your growing enterprise.

VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Small businesses have big communication needs. They thrive on delivering outstanding service. To do this, they must be accessible, mobile, flexible and able to do more with less. RingOffice Cloud Phone Systems empower businesses to deliver outstanding service through flexible, accessible and efficient communication.

VoIP: Achieve more with less!
Achieve more with less!

RingOffice is a fully featured phone system that helps you turbo-charge productivity, deliver top notch customer service and sound absolutely fabulous. No servers to buy, install, maintain or support.

VoIP: Wow your callers!
Wow your callers!

RingOffice enables you to “Wow!” your callers. Professional welcome greetings, time of day based messaging and on-hold marketing can enhance your company’s positioning.

VoIP Phone System
Be everywhere all the time!

RingOffice is built for mobility. Flexible call routing helps you stay connected from virtually anywhere. When the phone rings, no opportunity is lost! Busy tones and phone tag are history!

VoIP: Auto Attendant 
No Receptionist? No Problem!

RingOffice provides your very own fully featured Auto Attendant to greet callers professionally and direct them to where you want based on time of day, location, and device that suits you.

Cloud Phone System for Business Communication
What about my phone number?

We’ve got you covered. No need to change phone numbers. RingOffice allows you to keep your existing numbers so your transition is seamless!

Why Choose a Cloud Phone System for Business Communication?

Phone systems are evolving rapidly with advancements in technology. This makes investing in a phone system a tricky decision. To top it off, phone systems require maintenance and support to run smoothly and efficiently.

With RingOffice, you don’t need to buy a phone system so you don’t need to worry about the cost and hassles that come with purchase, maintenance, upgrades and expansion. For close to the cost of traditional phone lines, you can have a fully featured communication system that simply works so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Cloud Phone System Features

RingOffice Cloud Extensions come well-equipped with a rich feature set. We work with you to understand the unique requirements of your business and to ensure that your system is configured to meet the specific communication needs of your business, your customers and you.

Extension Features

Voicemail to Email
– Follow Me
Call Forwarding
– Call Hold
– Call Transfer
– Caller ID
– Call Waiting
– Three Way Conferencing
– Call Park/Pickup
– Paging/Intercom
– Group Call Pickup
– Call Barring
– Call Screening
– Do Not Disturb
– Mobile Softphones

Management Features

Customer Self-Care Portal
– Real Time Feature Control
– Online Billing/Payment
– Detailed Call Logs

Call Routing & Auto Attendant Features

– Local/Virtual/TF Numbers
– Time of Day Routing
– Hunt Groups
– Custom Menus & Greetings
– Custom Music on Hold
– Company Directory
– Day/Night Greetings

Advanced Features*

– Fax to Email
– Call Recording
– Cloud Recording Backups
– Call Queues
– Mobile Softphone App
– Private Audio Conferencing
– Calling Cards
– Call Now Web Links
* Some advanced features may cost extra.

Cloud Phone System vs. On Premise Phone System

Here is a comparison between RingOffice Cloud Phone Systems, On Premise VoIP Phone Systems and Legacy Phone Systems.

Comparison by Features:
Feature Comparison RingOffice Cloud On-Premise IP PBX Traditional PBX
Annual Maintenance, Support, Changes Included Extra Extra
Phone Lines/Service Included Extra Extra
Long Distance Included Extra Extra
Mobility Included Some No
Calling Capacity (lines) Unlimited Limited Limited
Advanced Features Included Included Limited
Fault Tolerance Free Expensive Expensive
Web Management Yes Yes No
Scalability Unlimited Limited Limited
Comparison by Cost:
Cost Comparison (10 user system) RingOffice Cloud On-Premise IP PBX Traditional PBX
Upfront Cost (10 Phones) $1500 $6000 $7000
Annual Maintenance, Support, Changes $0 $1000 $1500
Phone Lines $250 (10 lines) $160/mo (4 lines) $160/mo (4 lines)
Long Distance Included Included $40/mo
Year 1 cost $4,500 $8,920 $10,900
Year 2 cost $3,000 $2,920 $3,900
Year 3 cost $3,000 $2,920 $3,900
Total 3 Year Cost $10,500 $14,760 $18,700


Nobody likes surprises or hidden fees so we made our pricing simple and included all of the most commonly used business features. If you are unsure about a feature or about the best price plan for your business, please contact us so we can help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

We sell new IP phones configured to work with our Cloud Phone Systems. We can also configure customer supplied IP phones to work the same way depending on make and model.

Pricing Tier Flex Extensions Canada Local Plan* Canada Local + US Plan*
2-3 users $20/user/mo $35/user/mo $40/user/mo
4-9 users $15/user/mo $30/user/mo $35/user/mo
10-19 users $12/user/mo $25/user/mo $30/user/mo
20-29 users (call for 30+) $10/user/mo $20/user/mo $25/user/mo

Plans include normal business use for calls to/from most of Canada and 250 min/user to USA (for NA Plans). Fair usage policy applies on all plans. Overage may be billed for excessive traffic not deemed to be normal business use. Dialer traffic not allowed. Some high cost North America rate centres are charged extra.

Lower cost usage based Flex Calling plans, volume discounts and term discounts are also available. Please contact us for more information on price plans and discounts. We will match or beat all comparable business grade cloud hosted phone system pricing on the market.