A new digital age has begun in 2020. Mandatory quarantines and lockdowns issued by the world’s governments as a measure to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus forced schools and businesses to find ways to continue operating remotely and safeguarding the health of everyone from the safety of their homes.

Companies of all sizes and in all parts of the world have chosen to unify their communication systems with VoIP services that allow them to operate with less cost, security, and flexibility remotely.

But … why do VoIP services give companies operational flexibility?

For employees
As long as employees have Internet access, they can use all the features and functionality of their business phone. Without needing to have an analog and traditional phone at home, staff can use their business VoIP phone, a desktop softphone or a simple smartphone app to make and receive calls showing your corporate number.

For businesses
Having a flexible communication system does not mean losing control of employees’ work. Flexibility means greater accessibility, service quality and competitiveness.

Happy employees are efficient employees. Giving employees the flexibility to work from home, or work remotely from other cities or countries allows employees to work comfortably and deliver better results to the company.

The Internet has eliminated borders. VoIP phone systems enable you to provide quality service to local and international customers without having to spend a fortune with the expensive international calls of traditional analog phones. VoIP phone systems also make it easy to recruit and manage talented employees anywhere in the world.

Start operating your business with flexibility NOW!
RingOffice Solution Consultants are experts in cloud communication and can design the best fit solution that adapts to the needs of your company, your employees and your customers. RingOffice solutions will not only help your business operate more flexibly, but will also come with tremendous cost savings over a traditional telephone system.

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