One of the biggest advantages of choosing a 3CX phone system is its flexibility and robust feature set. Being software based phone system that can be hosted on a variety of platforms as well as in the cloud makes it an extremely powerful communication platform for business. However as with all software systems, with constant innovation comes the need to keep software up to date.

Are you on an older version of 3CX and would like to upgrade to the latest version? If your organization or business has a valid 3CX Phone System Annual License or valid Software Maintenance on a 3CX Phone System Perpetual License, then you can freely upgrade to the latest version of 3CX and take advantage of all the advancements and productivity enhancing features of 3CX v15.5 SP6. If your 3CX Phone System License has expired or no longer has the capacity or feature set you need, we can get upgrade your 3CX Phone System license to meet the current and future needs of your organization.

As with any upgrade, it is recommended to take a backup of the old system before uninstalling it. Once the new version is installed, you can restore from backup to preserve phone system settings. Please note that license information is part of the backup so it must be excluded if your 3CX License is going to change. Also note that FQDNs are linked to 3CX Licenses so these will have to be released in the event that you are changing a 3CX License key.

Below are download links for recent versions of 3CX Phone System:

3CX version 12:


3CX version 12.5:


3CX version 14:


3CX version 15:


3CX version 15.5:


3CX Phone System can be installed on many versions of Windows and Linux. This link provides a list of supported operating systems for installing 3CX Phone System:


3CX Phone System hardware capacity requirements can be estimated based on forecasted system calling capacity. The link below provides details about recommended minimum hardware specifications for installing 3CX Phone System:

If you need help with upgrading your installed 3CX Phone System or if you need to upgrade your 3CX Phone System License, RingOffice can help. We are a 3CX Advanced Certified Platinum Partner and a 3CX Certified SIP Trunk and Managed Cloud Hosting provider. RingOffice regularly provides 3CX phone system technical support to hundreds of businesses across Canada and the US. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.