VoIP Business Phone Lines Pricing

VoIP Business Lines Per User Pricing

Features Flex Trunk Usage Based* Canada Local Lines*
Includes 3 lines with scalable capacity at a low monthly cost. North American usage billed at 2.5 c/min. Great for unpredictable, seasonal or backup calling traffic. $20/mo per trunk
Local line replacement but with Canada-wide local! Great for day to day use with a predictable monthly bill and no surprises. $30/mo per line
Unlimited Local, Virtual, and Toll-Free Numbers Yes, $5/number Yes, $5/number
VoIP Portability Included Included
VoIP Flexibility Included Included
VoIP Scalability Included Included
Caller ID Included Included
Line Rollover Included Included
Failover Forwarding Included Included
VoIP 911 Yes Yes
Port your number Yes Yes
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  • Fair usage policy applies on all plans. Overage may be billed for excessive traffic not deemed to be normal office use. Some high cost North America rate centers are charged extra.