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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or someone who works for or manages a small or mid-sized business, you work hard, really, really hard. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people like you to work, 60, 80, or 100+ hour weeks. And why do you work so hard? It’s because building and running a business is just not easy – there’s always so much to do and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time or money available to do it all. Bills keep coming due and you can’t understand why you have to pay so much for what you get in return. As a result, you’re always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective while trying to find ways to keep costs in line. You know it just doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to, especially for things like a business phone system. YOU WANT VALUE FOR MONEY and you just know you’re not getting it from your current provider (usually a Big Telecom company that milks firms like yours with monopoly-like rates).

Well, you’re not alone – many entrepreneurs and small/mid-size businesses have felt the same way and finally decided to do something about it – they joined RingOffice. Why? Because we’ve helped so many businesses across the Country just like yours SAVE MONEY and SAVE TIME with our TURN-KEY BUSINESS PHONE SOLUTIONS. Join the Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Manufacturers, Independent Consultants/Consulting Firms, Financial Service Firms, and many other entrepreneurs and businesses who are enjoying HUGE SAVINGS, WORRY-FREE with our MANAGED PHONE SERVICES SOLUTIONS – Click here to sign up and start getting the VALUE FOR MONEY you deserve!



As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to be able to communicate with your Clients, Prospects, and Suppliers whenever you need or want to, in a way that is CLEAR and RELIABLE, the hallmarks of professional communication. Most entrepreneurs and business owners also want to manage cash flows and that means not spending more than you need to on things that help you keep your business running, like, for example, your business phone system. So, you will want your business phone communication system to be CLEAR, RELIABLE, and to SAVE YOU MONEY.

You may be able to get business phone lines from one of the big Telcos (big Telecom company) that are CLEAR and RELIABLE but they make you pay through the nose for it. At RingOffice, however, our offering is designed to give you the CLEAR, and RELIABLE lines you need at VERY AFFORDABLE RATES. How do we do this? Well, we connect you to high-quality VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) lines, which leverage the scale and ubiquity of the Internet to provide crystal clear, flexible and more feature-rich communication. To ensure RELIABILITY, our platform is hosted in secure, ultra-dependable data centers with full backup systems in place. We send and receive traffic over only high quality networks designed for enterprise traffic. We do not use cheap residential or calling card quality routes. These measures and many more ensure that our service runs extremely RELIABLY for our business customers. Our Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems and Business Phone Lines provide amazing clarity, reliability and rich feature set at a fraction of the cost of traditional business phone service, SAVING YOU MONEY – Click here to sign up and start saving today!



When it comes to VALUE for MONEY, you know it doesn’t make sense to pay more than you need to. That’s why we’ve developed turn-key package options to fit your needs. Our RingOffice Basic Business Plan gets you up and running with your own dedicated business lines with rich phone system extension features including Intercom, Call-Forwarding, Hold, Transfer, Voicemail to Email so you can be immediately notified of important calls and screen calls quickly with your email client (MS Outlook or any other client) and more (see below for details) – all for less than 35 cents a day per user!

For businesses that require more sophistication, the RingOffice Standard Business Plan includes all the features of Basic plus a Canada Wide calling plan and added productivity features such as Auto-Attendant (a Virtual Receptionist to direct calls), customized Music on Hold, extra mobile softphone extensions so you can be connected to your business phone system anywhere through your laptop or mobile device (see below for a full feature list).

Our RingOffice Pro Package includes all the great features of the Standard package plus a US long distance plan, two free numbers, Call Recording, and Fax to Email for a whole bunch more value!

RingOffice Basic

RingOffice Standard

RingOffice Pro

Phone Provided Yes (contact us for pricing) Yes (contact us for pricing) Yes (contact us for pricing)
Local Number(CAN/US)
Voicemail To Email
Call Forwarding
Call Hold
Call Transfer
Canada-Wide Local Calling*
Free US/CAN Long Distance Minutes Included*  0 0  250
Ring Groups (Enables multiple extensions to ring at once)  Optional**
Auto Attendant  Optional**
Custom Music on Hold  Optional**
Company Directory  Optional**
Call Queues (Creates waiting-line for callers)  Optional**  
Virtual and Toll Free numbers  Optional**  Optional**   (2 Numbers Included)
Call Recording  Optional**  Optional**
Fax to Email  Optional**  Optional**
Monthly Service Fee (per User)***  As low as $10 + 2c/min  As low as $20  As low as $25
*Package minutes for Canada-Wide Calling and Canada-USA Long Distance calls are subject to fair usage policy. Remote/high 
cost areas are not included in free minute plans.
**Optional features available at extra cost.
***Monthly Service Fee applies to price for service delivery per month and excludes cost of optional features and hardware 
purchase/configuration charges (billed separately). Certain minimums may apply. Inquire for details.


Well, many businesses that have switched to RingOffice have been able to save 30 to 60% on their business communication costs. How do we know? We’ve seen the bills from the big Telcos and they weren’t pretty – let’s just put it this way: efficiency and legacy systems simply don’t go together. Why not switch to proven 21st century technology and save BIG?

Click here to sign up and start saving today!

If you’re not sure which option to go with, we can help you find the package that best fits your needs (we’ve helped many businesses switch to the best option and rack up huge savings) – Click here for a free no-obligation consultation with one of our highly-experienced Business Consultants.


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