Just as you take care of every business detail to offer the best service to your customers, you must also ensure that your suppliers are responsible and reliable. A good provider of Hosted PBX services will give your company an innovative and scalable communication solution, with CRM integration, 24/7 tech support, audio and video conferences, mobility, transparent contracts, and an action plan against disasters.

If you are looking for a Hosted PBX service provider, here are some questions that RingOffice experts recommend to you to decide which provider offers the best service for your needs.

Regarding the Contract
It is important that you read and understand your contract so that you do not choose a service with forced plans, and that it adapts to the needs of your company.

  • Does the indicated price accurately reflect all costs?
  • What features are included at no extra cost?
  • Will you keep the same phone number?
  • Is there flexibility to increase or decrease lines?
  • Do they offer 911 service?
  • Do they offer flat rate plans for national and/or international calls?
  • Will you need additional equipment?
  • Is there a growth path for when your business needs grow?

Quality of Service
It is vital for the relationship between your company and customers that your provider offers excellent service quality and reliability and that you have an action plan in case of blackouts and failures. To ensure that the service will meet the expected quality, ask your provider the right questions:

  • Do they offer inbound route control features so that you can manage call flows if your site is down?
  • Do they offer extension failover features including forwarding, voicemail to email and mobile apps and is there an extra charge for these?
  • Do they use only high-quality carrier routes for their business call traffic?
  • Do they offer any proactive monitoring to detect and alert clients if calls are dropped due to congestion when your business experience speak busy hours?
  • Do they proactively update and maintain their platform and when is scheduled maintenance work performed?
  • Do they have a 24/7 emergency technical support service?

Cyber attacks can compromise business operations and cause expensive damage to any business so it is important that security is a top priority for your provider.

  • Do they proactively monitor attacks and take action to blacklist attacker IP addresses?
  • Do they have backups and redundancies in their network infrastructure?
  • Is their staff ready to respond in the event of a cyber-attack?
  • How do they protect customers from excessive call liability in the event that the customer network is attacked?
  • Do they offer network security, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for customer networks and IT environments?

Track record
It wouldn’t be nice if the company you chose as a hosted PBX service provider suddenly disappeared from the market or if they didn’t have a good reputation. Be sure to ask:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Who are some of their oldest clients?
  • Are they willing to provide testimonials?

If you are looking for a Hosted PBX service provider that is reliable, affordable, flexible and scalable, contact the RingOffice experts now. A Solution Consultant will contact you to review your requirements and answer any questions you may have about Hosted PBX services.