SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking

RingOffice SIP Trunks are a great way to break free from the costly and frustrating limitations of traditional telco landlines. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is an industry standard protocol for establishing real time communication such as voice, video and messaging over the Internet. So SIP Trunking is a cloud solution based on VoIP that can be used to deliver phone lines to an IP PBX or any kind of VoIP or SIP capable business phone systems. RingOffice SIP Trunks (also referred to as VoIP Lines) are flexible, scalable, easily portable, and designed to work with most Phone Systems, IP PBXs, Unified Communication Systems and VoIP Gateways available on the market.

RingOffice SIP Trunking allows you to share phone lines and numbers across business divisions, brands and locations so you can eliminate wasted capacity and reduce operating costs. No need to dedicated separate hunt groups with rollover lines for each division or location. As your business grows, RingOffice gives you the flexibility to add VoIP lines or channels so you never pay for more capacity than you need. RingOffice can also provide unlimited Local, Toll-Free and Virtual numbers to make your business accessible to customers from virtually anywhere.

Most phone systems available today support SIP trunking. Older phone systems that don’t can use VoIP Gateways and Adapters to make them compatible so you can still take advantage of the benefits and cost savings of VoIP without upgrading your entire phone system.

Comparison with Telco Landlines

Below is a comparison of RingOffice SIP Trunks vs. legacy Telco Landlines

Feature Comparison RingOffice SIP Trunks Telco Landlines
Unlimited Phone Numbers Yes 1 Number per line
Free to move Included Costly truck roll
Easily add lines Included Costly truck roll
Share lines between groups Included Not Available
Line Rollover Included Extra Cost
Failover Forwarding Included Extra Cost
Failover Voicemail Included Extra Cost
Caller ID Included Extra Cost
Keep your number Yes, globally Yes, limited to exchange
Technical Support Yes, Hands on Tiered
911 Emergency VoIP911 E911

RingOffice SIP Trunks are compatible with all standard SIP based VoIP phone systems and gateways. Our supported vendors include such well known names as: 3CX, Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, Grandstream, Patton, Switchvox, Cisco, Sangoma, Panasonic, Yeastar, Audiocodes, Matrix, Polycom, Mitel, Aastra, Yealink, snom, and many more!

3CX: Open-Platform PBX
Asterisk: Open Source Communications Project
Logo: Elastix
FreePBX: Web Based Open Source GUI
Logo: Grandstream
Logo: Patton
Digium, Inc.: Communications Technology Company
Logo: Cisco
Logo: Sangoma Technologies Corporation
Panasonic: Electronics Industry Company
Yeastar: Leading Provider of SME PBX System
AudioCodes: IP Communications Company
Logo: Matrix
Polycom: Global Communications Company
Mitel: Telecommunications Company
SIP Trunking Service Plans
Features Flex Trunk* Canada Local* Canada Local + USA*
Usage based lines with flexible capacity. Great for seasonal, long distance, or backup calling Business line with Canada-wide calling.
Our most popular plan!
Business line with Canada-wide calling and a US long distance package
Canada Local Plan Included Included
USA 500 Plan Available Included
Calling Features Included Included Included
Failover Features Included Included Included
Burstability Available Included Included
Transfer your Number Available Available Available
Add Virtual Numbers Available Available Available
V911 Available Available Available
Price range As low as $5/line/mo As low as $25/line/mo As low as $30/line/mo

Certain terms and minimum quantities may apply. Canada wide includes normal business calling to most Canadian cities. Fair usage policies applies.

Fair usage policies applies to all plans. Overage may be billed for excessive traffic not deemed as normal business use. Some high cost North America rate centers are charged extra. Certain minimums and contract terms may apply. Applicable taxes are extra.

Please contact us for price plans or to sign-up for SIP Trunking today.