Serving customers today is very different from what it was 20 years ago. Customers expect fast and effective communication; otherwise, some negative tweet about your company’s service is likely. That is why phone systems now offer much more than just making and answering calls. Unified communication services available in modern cloud phone systems can greatly improve the effectiveness of communication between employees and customers. No matter if your company is small or large; making the decision to have a new telephone system can make you more competitive.

Cloud Phone Systems are designed for businesses that want the benefits that come with the latest communication systems but want them running on reliable, secure, maintained and managed cloud infrastructure without sacrificing system administration or feature capabilities.

 Benefits of a Cloud Phone System: 
– Instant communication between individual or group employees using a variety of devices
– Call recording and periodic backups of important call recordings in the cloud
– Reliable High Availability infrastructure with data backup to protect against server failure
– Redundant Power Multiple Backup Generators and UPS Systems to maximize uptime
– Multiple Levels of Physical & Logical Security including redundant hardware firewalls

 What You Should Look For In A Cloud Communications Provider:
– Reliable, managed and secure infrastructure
– Proactive patching, updating, and maintenance
– Daily backups of your system to protect your system configurations and settings
– 24/7 Monitoring of server health and performance metrics to proactively mitigate issues
– Proactive hardware refresh and easy server resource upgrades
– Quality of Service to prioritize Internet bandwidth for voice traffic
– Exceptional technical support from certified support staff to assist you when needed

Before choosing a cloud-based phone system, carefully review the options offered by providers. Make sure that the cloud phone system you choose adapts to the size and needs of your business, and that the provider will make the necessary updates and maintenance to guarantee the correct operation of the phone system.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems allow businesses to have a flexible, effective and professional service without the need to spend thousands of dollars buying, managing and maintaining the technology.

If you have more questions about the benefits of cloud phone systems, do not hesitate to contact us for advice on selecting the right phone system solution for your business.