Configure Bria Desktop Softphone with RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Configure Bria Desktop Softphone with RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Configure Bria Desktop Softphone with RingOffice Cloud Phone System in a few easy steps. These instructions are based on Bria Desktop client for Mac but the same steps will also work if you want to configure Bria Desktop client for Windows.

This guide is based on Bria 4 but settings are very similar in other versions of Bria as well as in many other popular softphone clients including X-Lite, Zoiper, etc. The Bria Desktop Softphone client is a great portable phone application which can be used when traveling. It can also replace a VoIP desk phone as your primary phone. To get started, go to the Counterpath Store to purchase and download the Bria Desktop Softphone client.

When you first open Bria, a login window may pop up. If so, select “No Login Required” and proceed.

Once you have installed and open Bria on your computer, you will notice the alert above the keypad that tells you there is no Account enabled.

Bria Softphone Installed

Click on the “Account Settings” link or go to “Preferences” (for windows, this would be “Softphone”), then “Account Settings” to configure your RingOffice account credentials.

Bria Softphone Preferences

On the Accounts tab, click on the “+” symbol or “Add” to add a new Account, then fill in your credentials as shown below in the “General” tab.

Enter the following information:

Account Name: RingOffice (or any other name you care to assign)

Display name: enter anything here
Username: Auth ID provided by RingOffice
Password: Auth PW provided by RingOffice

Bria Softphone Account Settings

If you need to access your voicemail through your Bria Softphone client, go to the Voicemail tab and enter the voicemail shortcut as shown below:

Bria Softphone Voicemail Settings

Click “OK” to save your settings. You should see your Account with a green dot indicating your account is registered with RingOffice.

Bria Softphone Accounts List

Close out of the Preferences screen to return to Bria Softphone client for Mac or Windows. You will see that your account is now ready to use.

Bria Softphone Ready to Use

You can now make and receive calls, check messages, call from history, add contacts, etc. Enjoy!

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