top benefits of cloud communication

The workplace cloud communications trend is experiencing rapid turnover. As mobility and scalability become major drivers for progress, businesses are opting to switch from traditional telephony to more cloud-based systems. With remote working becoming an increasingly popular option for the workforce, it is no wonder why more companies are making the move to a flexible and scalable cloud-based VoIP phone system, leaving behind old networks and legacy communication providers.

Benefits of Cloud Communications

Exactly how can cloud communications benefit your business? Read more and discover.

1. Cost Benefits

Cloud-based unified communication systems eliminate the need to invest in traditional infrastructure. This means minimal acquisition costs, not to mention faster implementation and a much lower overall cost of ownership. Cloud communications eliminate the need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs associated with traditional phone systems, leading to cost savings.

2. Scalability Benefits

Scalability and growth are key ingredients for the success of businesses. Growth, however, also means increased demand for communication and connectivity, which can be difficult to meet with legacy, on-premise systems that are costly to manage, let alone scale up. Cloud communications allow businesses to easily scale up or down depending on their changing needs, without the need for additional hardware or software.

3. Feature Benefits

Cloud-based Unified communication systems are feature-rich, offering a vast array of basic and more advanced features ranging from telephony, and voicemail to email, call recording, hot desking, automated attendants, follow me, mobility, and collaboration, which may not be available in traditional phone systems.

4. Uniformity Benefits

Multiple location businesses such as those that operate different branches can implement and deploy unified phone experiences that ensure consistent call quality and seamless transfers between locations, which help contribute to overall efficiency.

5. Collaboration Benefits

Another significant benefit of a cloud-based system is the freedom and ability to collaborate through multiple devices and from any location, enabling teams to instantly communicate, exchange and share resources, and engage clients in real-time dialogue. Cloud communications enable collaboration among employees, customers, and partners through features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging.

6. Mobility Benefits

Unified communications systems also make way for greater mobility and access to business communications features and capabilities from anywhere with the use of any connected and authorized user device or app. Cloud communication solutions allow employees to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device, improving productivity and work-life balance.

7. Disaster Recovery Benefits

With enterprises nowadays running 24/7, businesses cannot afford long downtimes. Cloud-based systems protect businesses from this kind of loss allowing for business continuity and efficient disaster recovery, providing utmost resiliency to keep operations running and prevent significant losses.

8. Agility Benefits

With greater scalability comes greater business agility and flexibility when it comes to expanding or downsizing operations, depending on the current needs of the business. Cloud communications allow employees to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device, improving productivity and work-life balance.

9. Efficiency Benefits

Increased IT efficiency is another major benefit of a cloud-based VoIP phone system as companies are better able to manage all technical aspects of the network while prioritizing core competencies and business demands.

Cloud communications simplify communication workflows, resulting in streamlined business processes and improved efficiency.

10. Security Benefits

Finally, cloud-hosted communications systems allow for increased security and reliability, thanks to robust and sophisticated security measures that protect data centers, which are further backed up by multiple locations, ensuring a disaster-proof backbone for business cloud communications.  These communication solutions provide enhanced security features like encryption, firewalls, and secure data centers, ensuring data privacy and protection against cyber threats.

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