tips to manage business and remote team

The quarantine and isolation situation forced many non-essential businesses to find creative solutions to continue operating while their employees work from the safety of their homes. One of the most popular solutions during these confined times is the usage of digital communication platforms, including VoIP Phone Systems. These give managers the ability to control the administration of the communication system while allowing team members the ability to actively collaborate with one another and communicate with clients.

The experts at RingOffice prepared some tips for those companies who are looking to get the most out of their VoIP Phone Systems, and for companies that are looking for digital solutions to manage their business and their employees remotely during the quarantine. If you are one of those managers looking to take all the advantages of your VoIP Phone Systems, here are some recommendations for you.

Qualified Staff and Support Team | Cloud-Based VoIP Phone System Provider

Managing a company and its employees remotely can be a challenge for many companies that are not yet familiar with cloud communication systems, or have never had contact with these technologies. During the process, doubts may arise, or unforeseen needs. No matter what situation arises, it is important that the IT team of your VoIP Phone System provider is on the lookout to help and is also qualified for any situation that arises.

Train Employees on How to Use the VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems have an extensive number of features; therefore it is normal that not everyone knows how to use all the functions at first instance. It is important that before starting to operate remotely, you have an informative session so that all employees know how to use the functions of VoIP telephone systems, such as Call Hold, Call Transfer, Three-Way Conferencing, Call Waiting, transferring messages to your mobile phone, Call Recording Back-Up, and many other functions.

Many common problems can be evitable if the final users of the VoIP Phone Systems have full knowledge of the correct usage of these devices. The more knowledge employees have about using phone features and avoiding common failures, the greater the use of VoIP phone systems.

Monitor and Analyze Call Data

Analyzing call data is essential to identify areas for improvement and optimize the use of the VoIP phone system. Call analytics can provide businesses with valuable insights such as call volume, call duration, and call quality. By analyzing call data, businesses can identify areas for improvement and optimize the use of the VoIP phone system. This data can also help businesses understand customer needs and make changes to improve their customer service.

Extension Features for Apps | Mobile Softphones

While your company has to operate remotely, using cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems has many inherent benefits since these systems are designed with mobility in mind. Make sure that all your employees install desktop applications and mobile apps correctly, that they comply with the requirements, and that they own a headset.

Stay Flexible

The pandemic has shown us that businesses need to be adaptable and flexible. Remote work strategies need to be flexible enough to adjust to any changes in the situation. VoIP phone systems offer businesses the flexibility to adjust work hours, call routing, and communication channels as required. By utilizing the flexibility of the VoIP phone system, businesses can adapt their remote work strategy to any changes in the situation.

Managing your VoIP phone system in the cloud will allow you to not have to take care of the entire infrastructure of your phone system. It is less expensive, more reliable, and more secure than regular VoIP Phone systems, among many other benefits!

Companies like RingOffice are providers of Managed Cloud Hosting services for VoIP Phone Systems. Hosting your cloud services with RingOffice will benefit you in many ways:

  • Proactive Monitoring 24/7 to ensure smooth operation.
  • Automatic maintenance and updating services
  • Security and protection against attacks that could jeopardize the operation of your company
  • Full administrator control without limitations or restrictions
  • Privacy of your server

If you want your company to enjoy the benefits of VoIP telephony systems and the benefits of 3CX Cloud Hosting, contact RingOffice’s experts now to get help with designing a communication system that will best suit and help your company during these times of lockdown.