sip trunking benefits

More and more companies are bidding farewell to traditional wired telephone line infrastructure and implementing SIP-Trunking in their telephone systems.

SIP-Trunking is an application layer protocol that helps establish voice and video sessions between devices or applications through the internet. Companies use SIP-Trunking Cloud solutions to deliver phone lines to an IP PBX, or any kind of VoIP or SIP-capable business phone system or gateway.

One significant advantage of SIP trunks for businesses is cost savings. SIP-trunking can reduce the cost of phone calls and eliminate the need for expensive hardware and maintenance, resulting in significant savings for businesses. It is also highly scalable, allowing businesses to add or remove phone lines as needed, making it easy to adjust their communication systems based on changing needs. SIP-trunking is also flexible and can be used with a variety of communication systems, including PBX, VoIP, and unified communication systems, making it a versatile option for businesses with different communication needs. It also provides improved call quality and fewer dropped calls, resulting in better communication processes.

Another significant advantage of SIP trunking is its ability to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster or outage. It allows businesses to redirect calls to other locations or mobile devices, ensuring that communication remains uninterrupted. Moreover, SIP trunking can offer advanced features such as caller ID, voicemail, and call forwarding, which can improve communication processes and increase efficiency for businesses. It also allows for centralized management of communication systems, making it easier for businesses to manage multiple locations or remote workers.

In addition, SIP trunking is a more eco-friendly option than traditional phone systems as it eliminates the need for physical phone lines and hardware, reducing waste and energy consumption.

Benefits of RingOffice SIP-Trunking

If you still don’t use RingOffice’s SIP-Trunking solutions for your company’s phone system, here are 10 benefits you may be missing out on:

  1. Flexibility to add lines or channels as your business grows.
  2. Unlike Telco landlines that only allow one phone number per line, with SIP Trunking you can have unlimited phone numbers.
  3. There are no mobility limitations or costs. Moving your entire phone system is easy since your lines are not tied to a physical wire entering your building.
  4. 24/7 self-managed failover features to re-route calls in the event of a system outage, Internet, or power loss.
  5. SIP Trunking services inherently include a “rollover” capability so that many incoming calls can be received in the same number. Lines can also be shared between groups at no extra cost.
  6. Technical support from knowledgeable and certified experts 24/7.
  7. Local number presence anywhere in the world with flat rate nationwide calling.
  8. Built-in Disaster Recovery features. In case your office is not accessible due to a disaster, resume operations from virtually anywhere.
  9. Keep the same phone number or multiple numbers globally.
  10. RingOffice SIP Trunks have interoperability with many different VoIP phone system brands so you don’t have to spend a fortune on new hardware. Our supported vendors include such well-known names as 3CX, Grandstream, Yeastar, FreePBX, Asterisk, Cisco, Sangoma, Panasonic, Audiocodes, Matrix, Polycom, and many more!

If you are looking for your company to change from traditional landlines to Cloud Communication or  SIP Trunking technology, contact the RingOffice experts now. Our experts will answer all your questions and help you design a solution that best suits your business.