How RingOffice Cloud Communication Keeps You Connected with Clients and Colleagues

Businesses from all over the world are switching from traditional telco systems to cloud communications. The importance of cloud-hosted business communication has continuously been increasing with a rising trend of companies promoting remote working cultures. Amidst this organizational workflow transition, RingOffice cloud communication solutions are empowering companies to redefine their communication systems for increased productivity.  

However, with the rising demand for cloud-based business communication services, several VoIP phone system providers in the market offer varying solutions. Therefore, it is important to clearly define the requirements, budget, and expectations before subscribing to a business communication solution. RingOffice Cloud Communication solutions are servicing across the USA and Canada for more than a decade and creating outstanding B2B customer experiences for businesses of all sizes.  

Value Addition of the RingOffice Cloud Communication 

Here is how our dedicated solutions create a difference in business communication solutions.  

Liberated Teams 

The greatest time-saving benefit of the RingOffice cloud communication solution is that businesses get to focus on core business functions alone. In this way, your business teams are liberated from the management and monitoring of communication hardware, configuration, and troubleshooting responsibilities. Our dedicated cloud experts are available round the clock to ensure a seamless business communication network. With in-house teams dedicating all their efforts to increasing the efficiency of core business processes, workplace productivity and growth hike exponentially. 

Promotes the Freedom to Work Remotely 

According to the research of ConnectSolutions, 77% of remote workers report higher productivity, with 30% doing more work in less time and 24% doing more work in the same time frame. 

Leverage RingOffice cloud communication solutions to let your teams and employees work from home or anywhere for all that matters as long as the users have a secure internet connection. Hence, the restrictions associated with working entirely from a dedicated workplace are removed while the productivity of the employees increases significantly.  

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The reason lies in the fact that cloud communication networks enable employees, colleagues, and clients to interact with each other effectively enough to drive intended outcomes and deliverables. In contrast, legacy phone systems are obsolete and do not have the features to capacitate business communication needs in a competitive marketplace.  

The cherry on top is that modern communication solutions are priced to incorporate small to medium-sized businesses as well. In effect, small businesses with limited resources to maintain a complete in-house workforce benefit from hosted communications to establish a hybrid or remote working model without dedicating a huge budget to get the operations going. This is exactly why 85% of small businesses, according to Cisco, are seriously considering migrating away from legacy phone systems. 

Seamless CRM Integration 

RingOffice cloud communication solutions are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of every business. A great approach to utilize the customization feature is to integrate business CRM with your phone system. Not only does it increase the efficacy of customer interactions, but it also allows process flows to streamline and save both time and effort of your employees in sourcing contact attributions of customers. 

Likewise, when every customer interaction across different communication channels stacks up in your CRM system, it gets easier to track customer conversations, call logs, recordings, incident handling, and managing customer complaints. In fact, a well-configured CRM integration with your cloud phone system enables you to establish an omnichannel setup which can also be maintained on the RingOffice cloud.  

Omnichannel Communication  

A hosted communications solution not only provides a smooth networking channel but also optimizes business interactions with its customers. The right use of a highly customizable RingOffice cloud communication system enables companies to increase effectiveness across every communication channel. 

It may be quite muddled to offer help across channels — however, your clients do not have to realize that. The omnichannel permits your business to have causal discussions with your clients, without letting them feel what is happening in the background. It is refined enough to address complex issues and simple enough to let you get fully operational right away.  

The omnichannel allows your team to work seamlessly, with a single set of tools and processes that work the same on any channel such as e-mail, chat, voice, and even social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, and many more.  

Enhanced Mobility 

Cloud phone systems are designed to render them friendly for mobile devices alike. Apart from turning desktop systems into softphones, all the features of cloud based VoIP phone systems can also be accessed from associated mobile applications. Hence, RingOffice cloud communications effectively enable all the team members to collaborate on virtually the same workspace regardless of where they are located or what device they are using to communicate. Consequently, employees stay connected with their colleagues as well as clients even when they are travelling, on a vacation or working away from the office space.

Transition is Easy! 

Are you ready to switch to the hosted RingOffice cloud communication? Contact our communication experts now to segue from traditional telco systems to mobile-friendly, cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-manage, and feature-rich modern communication systems smoothly.