hosted pbx voip for schools institute

Teachers and managers of educational institutions have had to migrate classroom education to online education through the use of digital platforms. Now more than ever, Hosted PBX VoIP providers and educational institutions are working together to bring education to the homes of each and every one of the millions of students on all educational levels around the world.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the government, companies, and educational institutions have had to figure out how to continue operating within the limitations that the population is currently in during mandatory quarantine, and it is not clear yet when everyone will be able to return to their daily activities. 

How do Hosted PBX VoIP providers help with online education services?

The functions and app extensions available for hosted PBX VoIP phone systems have allowed educational institutions to:

  • Save time and money
    No extra investment for additional infrastructure, Hosted PBX VoIP services are the least expensive on the market. No worries about installation time. VoIP is often less expensive than traditional phone services, especially for long-distance and international calls. This can save schools and educational institutions a significant amount of money on their phone bills.
  • Possibility of expansion
    Adaptability for users according to the needs of each institution. It can improve communication within the school or educational institution, making it easier for teachers, staff, and administrators to collaborate and share information. Expanding a VoIP system can also facilitate integration with other systems such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Student Information Systems (SIS), providing a more comprehensive solution for communication and collaboration.
  • Collaborative education
    Students, teachers, and staff can maintain active communication via text, audio, video, or by sharing files. By providing communication tools that promote interaction and engagement, VoIP can create a more collaborative and interactive learning environment. This can lead to better academic outcomes, improved student engagement, and a more positive learning experience for students.

The functions and extensions vary between the different providers in the market. 3CX is a communication platform that can be operated as a cloud-hosted PBX. 3CX offers a license for educational institutions so they can continue to offer their educational services remotely.

3CX E-learning for educational institutions

3CX Communication Systems enable educational institutions to:

Offer online classes with 3CX WebMeeting

Up to 100 students can attend online classes simultaneously through their mobile devices, computers, or tablets. Simple to use and install, you only need to download the plugin.

Interactive tools to facilitate learning

Collaborative tools offer the option to share a screen, take a survey, give remote control to other class members, and an electronic whiteboard that can be used as a tool to make the classes more interactive and the topics more clearly explained. Sessions can be recorded so that students can revisit past content and learn at their own pace.

Support for parents

With the Live Chat & Talk 3CX, the staff of the educational institution will be able to communicate and resolve doubts in real-time from parents of the students. These 3CX (audio, video, and chat communication) interfaces are also available for iOS and Android.

Hosted PBX VoIP technology offers a range of benefits to schools and educational institutions. By utilizing internet connectivity to transmit voice calls, VoIP can save schools money on phone bills while providing enhanced communication tools that support collaboration and engagement. With features such as video conferencing, group messaging, and collaboration tools, hosted PBX VoIP can improve the student experience by promoting interaction and facilitating group projects.

Additionally, VoIP systems are highly scalable and easy to manage, making them an ideal communication solution for schools and educational institutions that are expanding or opening new campuses. Overall, hosted PBX VoIP can create a more efficient, flexible, and interactive communication system for schools and educational institutions, which can lead to better academic outcomes and a more positive learning experience for students.

If you are looking to unify your educational services with a managed VoIP service provider, contact RingOffice, a 3CX Certified Platinum Partner. Contact us now and start offering your educational services remotely now.