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At RingOffice we understand how important it is for your business to be highly responsive and agile to serve your customers and project success. That’s why RingOffice Cloud Phone Systems are designed to empower businesses to deliver outstanding service through flexible, accessible, and efficient communication to their customers.

RingOffice Cloud Phone System features enable small businesses to operate locally and virtually anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection, without having to spend a fortune.

RingOffice Cloud Phone System Features

  • Local, Virtual and Toll-Free Numbers – With RingOffice Cloud Phone System, businesses can show a local presence in every market they operate in. The system provides local, virtual, and toll-free numbers, enabling businesses to cater to customers in different regions.
  • Time of Day Routing – RingOffice Cloud Phone System allows businesses to manage incoming calls according to their business hours or to cover many time zones. Time-of-day routing helps businesses ensure that calls are handled efficiently and effectively during operating hours and that customers are provided with appropriate options during non-business hours.
  • Customizable Day / Night Greetings – The RingOffice Cloud Phone System provides flexible greetings and menu trees, allowing businesses to create custom day and night greetings for their callers. This feature helps businesses to provide a professional image to their customers while also providing them with a more personalized experience.
  • Customizable Music on Hold – The RingOffice Cloud Phone System allows businesses to use on-hold music as a marketing opportunity. Businesses can customize the on-hold music to promote their products, services, or upcoming events
  • Company Directory – The RingOffice Cloud Phone System makes it easier for callers to find team members. The system includes a company directory that provides a list of all team members, making it easier for callers to reach the right person.
  • Hunt Groups – The RingOffice Cloud Phone System ensures that calls reach the right team and avoid missed calls. Hunt groups allow businesses to create groups of team members who can answer incoming calls, ensuring that calls are handled efficiently and effectively.
  • Call Queues – The RingOffice Cloud Phone System enables businesses to easily manage call volume and better serve clients. Call queues allow businesses to set up a system for incoming calls to be placed in a queue and routed to available team members. This ensures that customers are not left waiting on hold for too long and that their inquiries are handled efficiently.

RingOffice Phone Extension Features

  • Mobile Softphone App – Works on Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones globally
  • Voice mail to Email redirection – Never miss a message or have to call in to check voicemail
  • Follow Me & Advanced Call Forwarding – Ensure calls find wherever, whenever & however you choose
  • Call Hold & Transfer – Easily transfer calls to the right person
  • Caller ID & Call Barring – Block calls from spam callers you want to avoid
  • 3-Way Conference Calling–Quickly collaborates on the fly
  • Call Park / Pickup – Allow team members to pick up a call from a parking spot using any phone
  • Paging Intercom – Announce and find people anywhere in your office
  • Group Call Pickup– Allow teams to balance workload and back each other up

Your team can communicate more productively from anywhere with ease, allowing your business to operate more professionally without spending thousands.

RingOffice Cloud Phone System Administrative Features

  • Client Portal that gives you 24/7control & visibility over your phone system and extensions
  • Detailed Call Logs to easily track activity by caller/called numbers and time of day
  • Real-Time Feature Control for simple change management
  • Online Billing & Payment for full transparency and access to billing data

You can have full control of your business phone system without having to invest in hardware, software, licensing, infrastructure, maintenance or support.

RingOffice Cloud Phone System Advanced Features

  • Fax to Email–Receive and send faxes from email. No more printing junk or losing faxes on the machine
  • SMS Texting–Integrate texting with our mobile softphone app
  • Call Recording – Maintain record signs of calls and backup recordings to cloud storage
  • Private Multi-Caller Audio Conferencing – Host professional conference calls with many participants
  • Call Now Web Links – Integrate your phone system with your company website

A Cloud Phone System can offer your business a highly advanced and professional telephone service that rivals many larger enterprise communication solutions without the hefty price tag and infrastructure management responsibilities.

Order your RingOffice Cloud Phone System today and take advantage of a professional, efficient and flexible communication solution at a fraction of the cost of deploying comparable systems. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can answer all your questions and help you determine the best-fit communication solution for your business.