best sip trunk providers for 3cx

Are you looking to install a SIP trunk for your business in Canada? 3CX SIP Trunks works great in the Canada and USA regions.  

Choosing the right telecommunication, phone system (software and hardware both), and support provider is a tricky decision to make. Having a local presence for businesses is important to cater to their ideal customer base.  

If you are expanding the market, each country and location has its own rules and regulations. So, it is recommended to select that SIP Trunk provider for 3CX that has a local presence and has expertise in providing a complete solution with support services.  

In this blog, we will simplify your search for a reliable SIP trunk service provider for 3CX in the Canadian and USA markets.  

Why do businesses need SIP Trunk?  

SIP Trunks has numerous benefits to help scale business growth and market expansion. SIPs help integration with cloud telephony helping in making and receiving calls. Moreover, it makes on-premises cloud migration simple for outbound calls which is useful for virtual contact centers

You will need a Canadian number to set up a SIP Trunk. Here are the number of options your service providers will offer: 

  • PSTN Numbers: These are Canadian outbound numbers with local caller ID. 
  • Local DID Numbers: Phone numbers with local area codes like; 604, 778,403, etc. 
  • ITFS Numbers: International toll-free numbers with area codes like; 877, 888, 800, etc. 

Why Choose a SIP Trunk Provider for 3CX in Canada? 

3CX, provides a comprehensive phone system solution that supports a variety of SIP Trunk providers. These providers have been thoroughly tested and certified by 3CX, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation.  

Preferred providers are particularly recommended as they are fully tested with each 3CX build, requiring no manual configuration for a seamless plug-and-play experience with your PBX. 

Key Considerations for Selecting a SIP Trunk Provider 

When choosing the best SIP Trunk provider in Canada, consider factors like coverage and phone number options, reliability and quality, compliance with Canadian regulations, pricing, and customer support.  

Providers like RingOffice are highlighted for their extensive coverage, competitive pricing, and robust service quality. For instance, it provides SIP Trunks with coverage in over 60 Canadian cities and regions, known for high call quality and excellent customer support. 

Advantages of Canadian SIP Trunk Providers 

Canadian SIP trunk providers offer several advantages, including cost savings by eliminating traditional phone lines, scalability, improved reliability, and uptime, integration with other systems, and real-time analytics for better decision-making. These benefits are vital for businesses looking for reliable and scalable voice communication solutions. 

Top SIP Trunk Providers For 3CX In Canada 

1. RingOffice

ringoffice home page

RingOffice SIP Trunks is a Titanium Partner of 3CX that offers a wide set of features and call plans that best fit the Canadian business market. Using this platform, you can break free from costly telephony systems and feature limitations of traditional telcos.  

RingOffice offers 24/7 monitoring service and employs enterprise-grade security, and support in emergency failover that makes sure your clientele is satisfied. Businesses can easily scale their capacity and help manage multiple lines and branches.  

The RingOffice PBX scales with business expansion and accommodates multiple users.  

RingOffice Capabilities: 

Call Anonymously Yes 
Fax Support Yes 
SMS Support No 
Clip Screening Support Yes 

2. Voxtelesys


Voxtelesys is a SIP Trunk carrier preferred by 3CX, and maintenance the 3CX certification. It can maintain, deploy, and manage 3CX IP PBX solutions. You can get 3CX hosting, 3CX support, and SIP service in the Canadian and USA markets.  

Users can get SMS support, and an online sign-up portal using Voxtelesys. It provides end-to-end business telephone solutions and gets help in managing your license.  

3. CallCentric

call centric

Callcentric is renowned for its flexible plans that cater to both residential and business needs. It stands out for its user-friendly approach, allowing for easy integration with VoIP services and providing a wide range of features like call forwarding, IVR, and international calling at competitive rates. For businesses looking for customizable VoIP solutions, Callcentric presents a robust option. Learn more at Callcentric

4. Wavix

wavix 3cx

Wavix, in partnership with 3CX, offers specialized SIP Trunking services that are optimized for 3CX systems, ensuring seamless compatibility and enhanced performance.  

Wavix’s focus on 3CX integration makes it an ideal choice for businesses utilizing this PBX system, promising a streamlined setup and reliable service.  

5. VoIP.MS


VoIP.MS is a popular choice among Canadian businesses for its extensive coverage and flexibility. Offering services tailored to both residential and commercial clients, VoIP.MS provides features like DID numbers, call forwarding, and IVR.  

Its pay-as-you-go pricing model and extensive feature set make it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Further information can be found at VoIP.MS

6. Skyetel

Skyetel is recognized for its commitment to providing 3CX’s SIP Trunking services that emphasize reliability, scalability, and customer service. Offering North American number portability, endpoint backups, and SMS capabilities, Skyetel is tailored for businesses looking for a comprehensive telecommunications solution.  

7. Telin


Telin focuses on delivering SIP Trunk services that are both scalable and reliable, with a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Their offerings are designed to support businesses in their growth, providing solutions that adapt to evolving communication needs.  

8. Voice Me Up 

Voice Me Up offers specialized SIP Trunking solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of Canadian businesses.  

With a focus on reliability and quality, Voice Me Up provides a range of features including DID numbers, E911 service, and toll-free numbers, making it a versatile choice for businesses seeking robust communication solutions. More details are available at Voice Me Up

9. Fidalia Networks


Fidalia Networks distinguishes itself with 3CX SIP Trunking services designed for high reliability and performance, particularly for businesses looking for dedicated solutions. Their service includes features tailored to enterprise-level needs, ensuring secure and efficient communication channels. Find out more at Fidalia

Each of these providers offers distinct advantages and capabilities, making it important for businesses to carefully consider their specific needs when selecting an SIP Trunk provider.  


The choice of a SIP Trunk provider should be guided by specific business requirements, including scalability, reliability, feature set, and compatibility with existing systems. Businesses should also consider the level of customer support provided, as this can be crucial in resolving any issues that may arise. 

By carefully evaluating the offerings of each provider, businesses can ensure they select a SIP Trunk service that not only meets their current needs but also supports their growth and evolution in the dynamic landscape of digital communication.  

Whether the priority is cost-effectiveness, service quality, or specific features, the Canadian SIP Trunking market offers solutions that can cater to a broad spectrum of telecommunications needs. 

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