3cx version 20

3CX, a renowned leader in the realm of business phone systems, continually evolves to meet and exceed modern communication demands.  

As a renowned 3CX Titanium Partner, we’re excited to delve into the latest iteration, 3CX Version 20.  

This upgrade isn’t just a step forward—it’s a leap towards more streamlined, secure, and sophisticated communication capabilities.  

Let’s explore what 3CX Version 20 has to offer and why it’s essential for businesses aiming to enhance their communication infrastructure. 

What’s New in 3CX Version 20? 

3CX Version 20 introduces a suite of enhancements that refine user experience and expand functionality. Key upgrades include an overhauled management console that replaces their legacy management console, improved security features, and enhanced support for remote work dynamics.  

This version marks a significant evolution from its predecessors by focusing on user-friendliness and integration capabilities, ensuring that businesses can easily adapt to the changing landscapes of digital communication. 

It also made improvements in call manager (SIP) performance, which allows the same hardware to accommodate 50% more users. The version 20 of 3CX also features the Debian 12 operating system, which makes patches more secure.  

3CX Management Console Enhancements 


The heart of 3CX’s operational ease lies in its management console, and with Version 20, this tool has received significant upgrades. Enhancements in user interface design leads to a more intuitive experience, facilitating quicker navigation and operations.  

For administrators, these changes mean less time spent on routine tasks and more time focusing on strategic communication endeavors.  

Imagine configuring complex call flows with drag-and-drop simplicity or gaining insights from advanced reporting features that are now more accessible than ever. 

The ‘Admin Console’ is integrated into the web client of 3CX. Now users don’t require a separate login or URL to access it, but they can simply get into the 3CX web client to access the Admin console. Now clients can easily remember the FQDN number for admins and users. They can set their passwords using SSO without requiring a welcome email.  

Better Permissions With Departments 

The latest version 20 of 3CX has introduced “Departments”. These can be customized to include their time zones, holidays, office hours, administrators, owners, languages, and CRM configuration (coming soon).  

Departments are integral components of the updated security framework, granting administrators the capability to set permission configurations via the employment of roles and departments. For example, an entity may create a “Sales” department with an assigned administrator overseeing user management and IVRs. Trunks, by default, have system-wide access to the 3CX.  

Security roles are assigned based on the user groups they belong to. Therefore, if a user is affiliated with the default group encompassing all users and holds the role of group admin, they are empowered to oversee all user management tasks. 

New Native Windows Phone 

native window app

A significant enhancement in V20 is the introduction of a new built-in 3CX Windows softphone.  

This application, akin to its iOS or Android counterparts, operates alongside the Web Client, addressing various restrictions associated with PWA in managing window notifications. Unlike a basic call notification, it includes a comprehensive answer dialog. Being a native softphone, it enables separate audio control distinct from the browser. 

How to install windows phone? 

Login to your 3CX V20 web client, then go to ‘Apps’, then ‘Windows App’. Click the window app for downloading, or go to this direct store link: https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9NW77489NGJ0 

After this, tap the ‘Provision Button’, and your app will launch.  

Struggling to upgrade to V20 of 3CX? 

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Benefits of Upgrading to 3CX Version 20 

Upgrading to 3CX Version 20 brings multifaceted benefits to a business.  

Firstly, improved system efficiency reduces the load on IT resources, allowing for faster response times and reduced downtime. For customer-facing teams, enhanced call and contact management features mean that every customer interaction can be handled with greater precision and personalization, translating directly into higher customer satisfaction rates.  

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of implementing Version 20 should not be overlooked, as it offers substantial ROI through streamlined operations and reduced operational costs. 

1. How long does the upgrade process take? 

Typically, the upgrade process can be completed within a few hours, depending on your current system configuration and hardware

2. Can I integrate 3CX Version 20 with other tools my business uses?

Absolutely, 3CX Version 20 supports numerous integrations with popular CRM systems, productivity tools, and more, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively across all platforms. 


Upgrading to 3CX Version 20 is more than just an update—it’s an investment in your business’s future. With enhanced features, improved usability, and robust security measures, 3CX Version 20 is tailored to elevate your business communications to the next level. If you’re considering an upgrade or want to learn more about what 3CX can do for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out for a detailed consultation. 

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