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AWS is the market leader for secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud services. As experts in cloud management, RingOffice helps you leverage the power of AWS (Amazon Web Services) to achieve your business goals faster than ever before. With our experience in designing and implementing cloud solutions, we help you modernize your mission critical applications, systems, workloads and data reliably and securely in the cloud. RingOffice has your back when it comes to making the most out of AWS.

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AWS Architecture & Design

RingOffice architecture and design services help you maximize reliability and performance while get the most out of your cloud investment. We review existing architecture, applications and tools used by your team to identify efficiencies and optimize your design.

AWS Deployment & Management

RingOffice deployment and management services help you efficiently operationalize your AWS solution. We provide ongoing management, maintenance, administration and support.

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AWS Data Migration

With a clear understanding of your company’s business needs, we review existing applications, workloads and data and can create an effective plan to migrate them to AWS without skipping a beat.

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AWS Performance & Cost Optimization

RingOffice can help you to understand and make the most out of your current AWS resources through fine tuning and repairing bottlenecks. We can also help you with system upgrades and maintenance to make sure you are up to date with the latest software and security.

AWS Infrastructure Automation with Infrastructure-as-Code

RingOffice can help you automate the creation and management of your cloud infrastructure to save you time and management resources. When it comes to repeatable, scalable AWS resources that can be created with ease in any environment no matter how complex, you’ll be ready for the challenge!

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Data Engineering & Analytics

We help businesses take full control of their data by providing a comprehensive set

of advanced analytics, integration and warehousing services for AWS. Analytics can help you improve planning, forecasting and decision making giving you a competitive advantage.

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