Auto Provision Cisco SPA500 Series Phones on RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Auto Provision Cisco SPA500 Series Phones on RingOffice Cloud Phone System

This article is designed to help customers Auto Provision Cisco SPA500 Series Phones on RingOffice Cloud Phone System. RingOffice Cloud Hosted Phone System offers an excellent auto-provisioning service that allows you to easily setup your VoIP phones for automatic provisioning by the RingOffice system. This post will show you how to auto provision Cisco SPA500 series phones on RingOffice Cloud Phone System.

Please note that a valid RingOffice service is required for each phone to be provisioned. You will need to provide RingOffice with the MAC address of each phone in advance so it can be associated with the service to be setup on that device. The MAC address is printed the packaging as well as on a label on the back of the phone.

In this demonstration, we are working with a Cisco SPA504G VoIP Phone. The software interface of other Cisco SPA500 series phones is quite similar so similar steps will help you set-up Auto-Provisioning on other Cisco SPA500 series VoIP phones.

Step 1: Factory Reset your Cisco SPA504G (not required for new phones)

Make sure your phone has power and is connected to the Internet. Press the Setup button.

Press Set-Up Button on Cisco SPA504G

Navigate to Menu Item 14 – Factory Reset and press Select

Select Factory Reset on Cisco SPA504G VoIP Phone

Press OK at the Reset Warning => Commencing Reset

Confirm Factory Reset on Cisco SPA504G VoIP Phone

You will see a blank screen during the initialization process. There will be blinking lights followed by a Cisco logo:

As SPA504G lights blink, Cisco logo will appear

Initializing Network will appear on the screen

Initializing Network will appear on SPA504G screen

Once phone has fully booted, the phone will have been factory reset and the following image will appear on the SPA504G screen.

SPA504G has been Factory Reset

SPA504G has been Factory Reset

Step 2: Check The IP Address of the Cisco SPA504G

In order to log into the SPA504G web interface to configure the phone via a web browser, you will need to know the IP address assigned to your SPA504G by your DHCP server/router. Before proceeding here, you will want to be sure the SPA504G is connected to your network LAN with an Ethernet cable. Following a factory reset, the SPA504G is set, by default, to receive its IP address via DHCP server via its Ethernet port, marked SW (switch).

Once again, press the Setup button and navigate to the Setup Menu item #9 – Network, and press select.

Select Network option from the SPA504G Setup Menu

The IP address of the phone will appear on the screen:

Write down the SPA504G IP Address

Write down theIP Address of the Cisco SPA504G VoIP Phone.

Step 3: Configure Auto-Provisioning on SPA504G

Open a Web Browser and enter the IP address of your Cisco SPA504G phone. By default, there is no password on these phones. You can use User Login: “admin” and leave the Password field blank (empty).

On the top right hand corner of the screen, click on “Admin Login”. After the page loads again, click on “Advanced View”

Cisco SPA500 Series VoIP Phone Home Screen

Go to “Provisioning” tab and set the following options:

– Transport Protocol: http
– Profile Rule: [–key $B]$A/$MA.cfg
– GPP A: 60
– GPP B: (to be provided)

Save and Reboot

After your phone reboots, it will reach out to RingOffice provisioning server and download its complete provisioning file. If the phone is set-up on a valid RingOffice account, the account will become visible on the phone.

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