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RingOffice is a 3CX Platinum Partner*, a 3CX Advanced Certified SIP Trunk and Managed Cloud Provider, and has been managing 3CX Phone Systems for clients since 2007

RingOffice is your trusted business partner for reliable and efficient communication, collaboration, network and IT solutions.

As your company grows, so will the need for a scalable system. You can easily scale as you grow with our 3CX Phone System solutions!

Flexible and powerful, but easy to learn. 3CX Phone Systems can be fully managed through a user friendly web interface with no programming knowledge needed.

3CX Phone Systems can be installed on virtually any platform, any machine, any host, any cloud with flexible licensing options.
3CX is designed to works with all open standards hardware to avoid vendor lock-in and ensure your investment in hardware never goes to waste. 

RingOffice Managed Cloud 3CX Phone Systems are hosted in Tier 1 data centre environments designed for the utmost security, reliability and manageability to keep your phone system running reliably while protecting it from external and internal threats. We offer a variety of Manage Cloud hosting options including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, 3CX, and our very own RingOffice Cloud

Choosing between Cloud and On Premise

Choosing whether to host your 3CX phone system on premise and in the cloud is an important decision. While there are some benefits of hosting on premise such as no hosting fees, the capital costs, maintenance responsibilities, hidden support costs and risks of downtime usually outweigh these hosting fees.  


RingOffice deploys and supports both but recommends and is a leading provider of cloud communication solutions. Some of the benefits of a Managed Cloud 3CX Phone System solution are:  


No need to purchase expensive servers and pay more every month for backup power, failover Internet, redundant network and infrastructure maintenance.

Offload management and maintenance of your 3CX phone system and its IT infrastructure to RingOffice so you can save time and focus on more strategic priorities like running your business.

Leverage RingOffice’s certified support team and secure cloud environments to maximize business uptime, minimize risk and keep your business running smoothly.

Get a reliable, secure, affordable, fully managed communication system in the cloud without sacrificing administration, control, and integration capabilities.

Our Features

Monitoring and Management

RingOffice's Managed Cloud 3CX Phone Systems come with 24/7 monitoring of server health and performance metrics to ensure system faults and capacity issues are proactively mitigated.

Backups & Disaster Preparedness

RingOffice takes daily backups of all Managed Cloud 3CX Phone Systems to protect customers in the event of a major disaster or outage.

Integrations & Mobility

Integrate 3CX with Microsoft 365 to use Single Sign-On and Microsoft Teams as your extension client. We can also help integrate many popular CRMs and applications along with a suite of free integrated mobile, desktop, and web apps.

Business Grade SIP Trunks

RingOffice uses 3CX Certified SIP trunks for their phone systems and has relationships with over 2 dozen global carriers to offer comprehensive coverage within North America and overseas.

Unlimited 3CX Apps & License Support

RingOffice's 3CX Phone Systems come with unlimited use of all desktop and mobile apps, as well as proactive licensing and support.

3CX Remote Administrator Support

RingOffice 3CX Remote Administrator Support provides customers with help with administration, technical support, training, and troubleshooting.

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* RingOffice's VoIP Superstore brand is a 3CX Platinum Partner

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