RingOffice takes pride in providing excellent customer service and technical support. Support is available to all RingOffice Cloud Phone System, Business Phone Line and SIP Trunk customers. If you need assistance with service setup or management, please take a look at one of our easy to follow guides below:

Phone System Setup for RingOffice Business VoIP Lines

RingOffice can be easily configured on most VoIP/SIP capable phone systems (IP PBX). All you need is the account credentials for the trunk (Authentication ID, Authentication password and SIP Server Domain). Below are some common phone systems that are certified with RingOffice. Other phone systems like Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix, Allo, Switchvox, Mitel, snom and many more have been tested and are known to work with RingOffice.

Set up RingOffice as your VoIP Provider in 3CX Phone System

Configure Grandstream UCM6100 Phone System for RingOffice VoIP Trunk

Configure Yeastar MyPBX Phone System for RingOffice SIP Trunk

Phone Provisioning for RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Most phones can be manually configured through the phone’s web interface if you have the account credentials for the phone (Authentication ID,¬†Authentication password and SIP Server Domain). Below are some commonly used IP Phones that can be easily Auto Provisioned from RingOffice.

Setup Auto-Provisioning for Yealink Phones on RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Auto Provisioning Cisco SPA500 Series Phones on RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Auto Provision Cisco SPA112 and SPA122 VoIP Adapter from RingOffice

Configure Bria Desktop Softphone with RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Configure Bria iPhone Edition VoIP Softphone for RingOffice Cloud Phone System

Feature Support

RingOffice Cloud Phone System Voicemail User Guide

RingOffice Cloud Phone System Call Forwarding Guide

Telephone Number Porting

How to port your telephone number(s) to RingOffice


RingOffice Customer? Need Help?

If you are a RingOffice customer and need help, please open a support ticket on our Support Portal. You can also email our Help Desk at <helpdesk at ringoffice dot com>. Be sure to include your name, company name, callback number, affected number or extension, and a detailed description of the problem and its urgency. Your ticket will be assigned a priority level and a service representative will call you back. Please note that non-critical issues are handled during normal business hours.


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