VoIP Business Phone Lines

VoIP Business Phone Line Services and Systems

RingOffice VoIP Business Lines services are a flexible, scalable and easily portable way to break free from costly and frustrating limitations of traditional telephone landlines. Our Business VoIP Services are designed to work with most VoIP Phone Systems, IP PBXs, Unified Communication Systems and VoIP Gateways on the market.

RingOffice Business Phone System allows you to share lines and phone numbers among different business divisions so you can eliminate wasted capacity and reduce cost. No need for separate hunt groups with rollover lines dedicated to each business unit. As your business grows, RingOffice gives you the flexibility to add VoIP lines or channels so you never pay for more capacity than you need. RingOffice can also provide unlimited Local, Toll-Free and Virtual numbers to make your business accessible to customers from virtually anywhere. We enable complete accessibility, flexibility and scalability for your business phone service.

Most newer business phone systems available today support VoIP Phone Services also known as SIP trunks, VoIP trunks, VoIP lines, IP trunks, etc. Some proprietary systems may require the purchase of a module or license to use this feature. Legacy phone systems, key systems and PBX systems may not have such an option and may only have analog FXO trunk ports or digital PRI trunk ports to connect phone lines. If you have such a phone system, we offer VoIP Gateways that can convert your VoIP Business Phone Lines into legacy analog or digital lines that your phone system is familiar with. This enables you to take advantage of all the benefits and cost savings of VoIP without upgrading your entire phone system.

Comparison with Telco Land Lines:

Below is a comparison of VoIP Business Phone Lines vs. Legacy Telco Land Lines

Feature Comparison VoIP Business Lines Legacy Land Lines
Unlimited Local, Virtual, and Toll-Free Numbers Yes 1 Number per line
Portability (move yourself) Included Complicated/Costly
Scalability (add lines instantly) Included Complicated/Costly
Caller ID Included Extra Cost
Line Rollover Included – very flexible Extra Cost
Failover Forwarding Included – very flexible Extra Cost
911 – Emergency VoIP 911 E 911
Port your number Yes Yes


RingOffice VoIP Business Lines are compatible with all standard SIP based VoIP phone systems, VoIP gateways and VoIP phones. Our supported vendors include such well known names as: 3CX Phone System, Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, Grandstream, Patton, Switchvox, Cisco, Panasonic, Mediatrix, Audiocodes, Polycom, Mitel / Aastra, Yealink, snom and many more!

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