Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Phone Systems for Small Business

Small businesses have big communication needs. They thrive on delivering outstanding service. To do this, they must be accessible, mobile, flexible and able to do more with less. Enter RingOffice Cloud Hosted Phone Systems for Small Business with a refreshing new approach.

Achieve more with less!

RingOffice is a fully featured phone system that helps you turbo-charge productivity, deliver top notch customer service and sound absolutely fabulous. No servers to buy, install, maintain or support.

Wow your callers!

RingOffice enables you to “Wow!” your callers. Professional welcome greetings, time of day based messaging and on-hold marketing can enhance your company’s positioning.

Be everywhere all the time!

RingOffice is built for mobility. Flexible call routing helps you stay connected from virtually anywhere. When the phone rings, no opportunity is lost! Busy tones and phone tag are history!

No Receptionist? No Problem!

RingOffice provides your very own fully featured Auto Attendant to greet callers professionally and direct them to where you want based on time of day, location, and device that suits you.

What about my phone number?

We’ve got you covered. No need to change phone numbers. RingOffice allows you to keep your existing numbers so your transition is seamless!

No Phone? No Problem!

RingOffice is extremely flexible. It can forward calls to existing mobile or landlines. It also supports industry standard soft phones and leading IP Phones from Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Grandstream, snom, Mitel, Panasonic and more.

Why go for a Cloud Phone System?

Phone systems are evolving rapidly with advancements in communication technology. With the rapid change in technology, investing in a phone system can be tricky business. To top it off, phone systems require maintenance and support to run smoothly and efficiently.

With RingOffice, you don’t buy the phone system so you don’t need to worry about the cost and hassles that come with purchase, maintenance, upgrades and expansion.

For about the cost of traditional phone lines, you get a fully featured enterprise grade communication system that is securely and reliably managed for you.

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